How To Clear Driveway During Heavy Snowfall?


The most common occurrence during winter is the snowfall. At first, people enjoy it but soon people get concerned about the process of clearing the areas filled with snow like pavements or public spaces. This concern is not for beauty but the slip and fall incidents which may cause injuries. However, having a fear of people getting hurt or injured is a legitimate fear but do not forget that people themselves have the authority to protect themselves by being careful while walking on the snow and ice. 

However, everybody should play their role which is a moral duty of the whole community. In this guide, we have enlisted the most significant suggestion to help you clear the pathways of the snow.    

  1. Clear Snow or Ice at Dawn

For snow that is loose and has not yet bonded well to the surface, the removal or movement of snow from one point to the other is quite easy. However, a snow that was left unattended for a long time after the night of snowfall, the removal becomes complex as it must have been bound to the surface and packed together. To avoid such a scenario, the best time considered for clearing snow is the morning time. 

As it is the best time for the top layer of the ice to get removed as it has yet not attached to the surface, the bond is weak. Whereas, the bottom layers of the ice can be removed later by melting through the help of sunlight. Moreover, you can also opt for methods of covering the area of the snow at night with rock salt, as it assists in abstaining from the freezing of snow at night. 

  1. Clear Steep Paths to Abstain From Slips

A great deal of attention must be given to removing ice from staircases, steep pathways, or other steps. 

The staircases or steep pathways must be given proper attention for the removal of ice. In these areas make sure to use salt instead of water. As water will only cause more trouble. Water tends to freeze and transform into a black ice form instead of serving the purpose of melting already present ice. 

The black ice is considered more dangerous because it is more slippery and increases the chances of more severe injuries. However, the black ice can also be melted by using salt. In the salt category, you can use both table salt and rock salt. But do not use any salt in high quantities as none is environment friendly. Moreover, it may also harm the vegetation, pets, children, etc.

  1. Remove the Snow With Caution

The snow besides blocking the walking paths also causes blockage of the drains. Public places usually get blocked when people tend to throw the snow from in front of their houses to the main pathways. So, at the time of shoveling snow, it is advised to not violate the local or community’s ethical codes. 

The blocked drains disturb the whole area and when paths are blocked the chances of injuries increase. Always shovel the snow from the middle part to the sides of the path, instead of starting from the middle area. This way you will be able to keep everyone safe.