Is Lawyer a Protected Title?


The term ‘lawyer’ is a protected title

An attorney, advocate and legal counsel are all terms used to describe a lawyer. These titles can be found on business cards, resumes and signatures of legal professionals who have passed the necessary requirements to practice law. These requirements include obtaining a law degree from an accredited college, passing the bar exam and joining the state’s bar association.

Do lawyers have a legal obligation to inform their associates, employees or students about the need for confidentiality and not to disclose information that could prejudice a client?

A lawyer must also be on guard against becoming a tool or dupe of an unscrupulous client, their partners or any other person associated with the client. This is Rule 3.27 of the Rules of the Bar and requires that a lawyer not knowingly assist in or encourage dishonesty, fraud, crime or illegal conduct by his or her clients, associates or anyone else associated with those clients. Recommended this site product liability lawyer washington dc .


The question of whether a lawyer has a duty to protect his or her clients is a complicated one. To answer the question, a lawyer must consider the specific facts of each case and take reasonable care to prevent disclosure that would compromise solicitor-client privilege or otherwise prejudice his or her clients.